Standalone metal detector for food

Adding advanced metal detection to existing lines can be difficult and expensive, often requiring major modifications and downtime. By utilising a standalone, slim, and extremely sensitive detection solution you can easily add or enhance metallic foreign object detection to your production, increasing safety with maximum efficiency.

Metal detector for existing food production lines

The THS/MS21 from Ceia is an innovative multi-spectrum metal detection solution designed specifically for use with the widest range of food items.

Thanks to the unique Ceia MS Technology, the THS/MS21 is able to be used with almost any product due to its auto-learning capabilities, with virtually no impact from the product type being examined.

Multi-spectrum technology is able to detect all metallic contaminants, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. Enhanced shielding enables the machine to operate with extreme sensitivity in even the most challenging of electromagnetic environments found in production facilities.

Built to last, the THS/MS21 has been designed to be robust and is built of AISI 316L stainless steel. All product contacting parts are of EU and FDA-compliant food-compatible plastic. The units are built to full GMP and HACCP specifications and can be fully washed down.

To ensure full traceability and integrity of data, the unit’s monitoring and recording software is designed to meet all requirements of FDA Title 21, Chapter 11, including appropriate security protocols.

Slimline configuration is available in case of reduced space demanding lines and THS/21E tecnology (entry level) is available for basic requests.


  • The slimline form factor makes it simple to add to any conveyor line
  • Extreme sensitivity no matter what food products are being scanned
  • Enhanced shielding means high accuracy in high EM areas
  • Full GMP construction, washdown construction for rapid cleaning
  • Full compliance with data security, integrity and traceability requirements