Display tray cartoner machine

Packaging products usually require a great deal of flexibility to comply with demand from marketing for shelf-ready packaging. A machine that is able to quickly change for format and size to optimize the packaging process, is a good solution for those wanting to present their products in ready-to-sell units as trays or displays.

Wrap-around cartoning machine for packaging of shelf-ready displays

For shelf-ready packaging, Senzani designed the WACM series to automate the process of wrap-around packaging of products. With this series, vertical flat blanks magazine can be loaded with no production cycle interruptions. The wrap-around packaging machine can pack a variety of products, such as stock cubes, cartons, trays, coffee capsules, tins and cans, with a production speed up to 36 cartons per minute.

To preserve the integrity of the product during the transportation phases to the shelf, the packaging needs to be solid and firm. Therefore, the cartoner machine wraps carton around the product, handling everything with care. The use of a brushless motor additionally helps reduce maintenance times as there is no more need to replace worn brushes. Another added benefit of the WACM series is that there is no need for any additional tools when changing the shape and size of the packaging.

Depending on the type or the configuration of the product, the machine has multiple stations for product transfer, packaging formation and sealing.


  • Easy adaptation of the machine for new formats
  • Easy changeover for different carton sizes
  • User friendly interface and tutorials to guide the operator
  • A brushless motor helps reduce maintenance time
  • Photocell error detection in the sealing process