High-speed strand cutting machine

Cut continuous strands and slabs of your ingredient mix into bars, strips, and other final product shapes. This is a high-speed transverse cutter capable of up to 1,000 cuts/min on all types of confectionery products including sticky ones. Cutting speed is indexed to transport belt speed to ensure straight cuts of constant length.

Accurate, consistent cutting at high speed

The HS series of transverse cutting machines work with widths from 200mm to 2400mm and handle belt speeds up to 20 M/min. With the cutting knives indexed to the infinitely adjustable belt speed, reliably straight and consistent cuts are assured even as belt speed is adjusted. The HS series cutters include specially coated transport belts to capture crumbs and other materials left over from the cutting process so only clean, precisely cut products leave the machine. Captured materials are subsequently removed from the transport belt with scrapers. Cutting knives are also cleaned of any residual material after every cut by use of special scrapers which allows the unit to be very effective in cutting even sticky substrates.



  • Standard working width of 200mm - 2400mm
  • Conveyor belt speed up to 20 M/min
  • Infinitely variable cutting and conveyor speed