Slab forming machine

Turn the mixture of your ingredients, into continuous slabs for processing into bars, stands, or other shapes. Reliable form slabs of pressure-sensitive or aerated products from substrates of a variety of consistencies. The pressure-free forming process ensures no change in density even for delicate product structures. This is a highly configurable line of smooth press rollers designed to accommodate a wide variety of process conditions.

A confectionery press for the most delicate substrates

The GP series of smooth press rollers from Buhler is a line of configurable confectionery rollers for producing tightly toleranced and highly consistent slabs of delicate confectionery substrates. Temperature, pressure, roller diameter, and nozzle style are all selectable and tightly controlled process variables. The height and configuration of the drive unit are also easily changed to seamlessly integrate with existing facilities and process equipment. In this Slab forming machine, the forming speed and slab thickness are infinitely adjustable and active substrate cooling during forming is available to ensure the highest quality confectionery product output.



  • Slab widths from 100 to 1300mm
  • Strand forming is possible for some substrates
  • Custom nozzles can create multi-layered and filled slabs
  • Substrate temperatures up to 100 C and densities as low as 0.4