Entry level cereal bar cutting table

The small-scale manual production of crunchy cereal bars, brittles, and similar products can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. Achieving the correct control of temperature to allow for mixing and spreading, and then cooling might be very challenging without professional equipment. A dedicated manual cereal bar cutting table is a perfect way to begin a start-up production.

Dedicated production table for high-quality crunchy cereal and brittle products

The Manual Process Table from MIA Food Tech is a purpose-built solution for the small-scale production of crunchy products=, cereal or nougat bars.

This high-specification manual table has an inbuilt heating and cooling system. The heating system keeps the product mix at the right temperature after cooking to allow it to be spread, rolled and combined more easily and quickly. Inbuilt cooling reduces the time before the rolled mass is ready for cutting and removal.

With single-operator use in mind the table is appropriately sized to avoid the need for excessive leaning. The stainless steel guide rails are easy to fit and remove, and the manual cutter blade is effortless to operate thanks to easy gliding wheels on the base of the unit.

Weighing just 200kg, with dimensions of 1000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm, the Manual Process Table is ideal for small sites, and has been designed for batch production of between 5 and 10kg of product.


  • Dedicated crunchy products solution with built-in heating and cooling unit
  • Small footprint reduces operator effort and increases throughput
  • Easy to use, highly accurate manual cutter for perfect sized bars every time
  • All stainless construction with few moving parts for easy cleaning
  • Designed for efficient small-scale production