Top load Case Packer For Food Products

If you want to pack your food cartons, doy packs and pouches into regular cases, a smart food-grade system with quick toolless changeovers will enable you to run smaller batches efficiently at higher speeds.

Automatic packing of food-grade products into regular slotted cases

The SOLANO, from Mpac, is a top load case packing system for regular slotted cases (RSC) with broad experience with different food types. The system has compact dimensions and a production output of up to 15 cases per minute. A flexible infeed system can be adapted easily for chip bags, baby food, and coffee pouches, drink cartons, or bag-in-box cereals. The line has an open design for easy access and maintenance and there is an Intelligent Machine Interface in place to check machine status and make sure to meet all food processing standards. The case packer is driven by a servo motor coupled directly to the components for minimum wear and improved operating life. Quick automatic toolless changeovers take less than 10 minutes and the system is designed to run continuously without trouble, resulting in 98% efficiency. The unit comes with an adjustable case magazine that can accommodate up to 300 cases.


  • Quick toolless changeover
  • Open design and large doors for easy access
  • Small footprint
  • Adjustable case magazines
  • High output (15 cases per minute)

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