Hammer mill for coffee beans

Being able to obtain an on-point grinding is easily achievable with these hammer mills, from coffee to multiple seeds can be crushed and filtered on a fast pace due to its capacity.

Hammer mill optimized for grinding coffee beans

The Toper TRY Series is a famous hammer mill for coffee beans that provides an accurate grinding. Primarily aimed for coffee beans, the TRY Series is also known for its utilization in the crushing and grinding of cereals, legumes, dried plants, animal feeds, minerals, flowers, spices, dried food and non-food materials. The TRY series hammer mills have a crushing rate of 290 kg to 2.5 tons per hour, depending on the model, whether it be the TRY-20, the TRY-26 or the TRY-38.


  • Hammer mills are commonly driven by an electric or fuel motor as well as PTO
  • Capability to be utilized anywhere from indoor production plants to croplands due to its drive options
  • No release of dust during grinding process
  • 4 different grain sizes are obtained at a single grinding sequence, due to its 4 sieves
  • One year warranty, regardless of the location