Extruder for large-scale production of breakfast cereals

Shaped and filled extruded breakfast and snack products are extremely popular with consumers, but can be complex and inefficient to manufacture on a large scale whilst maintaining high consistency and quality. A dedicated extrusion solution designed from the ground up for high level production provides consistency while delivering reduced costs.

Twin screw extruder with enhanced quality and production flexibility

The SBX Master Extruder by Baker Perkins has been designed specifically to enable the production of a range of high quality extruded breakfast cereals. Its integrated design allows for the easy addition of flavouring and colours, and the SBX Master is capable of producing complex multi-ingredient premium product, as well as more standard designs such as expanded corn balls, multigrain rings and shaped designs.

The SBX Master is built for flexibility. A modular barrel design allows the perfect length to be chosen to exactly suit the product required, maximising quality, and advanced features are available such as super-cooling to allow the production of fine extruded flakes.

Set up, recipe selection and full condition monitoring are available through an easy-to-use HMI with graphical representation. The open frame design means all areas of the machine are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance, and AC motors are used throughout which are maintenance free and consume less power than DC equivalents.

Another key aspect in reducing costs is the SBX Master’s capability for rapid product changeover. Face-cutter blades are able to be changed quickly, without the need for the extruder to be brought to a complete stop, and fully automatic start-up and shutdown cycles have been designed to minimise waste between production runs.


  • High quality extruder for lines up to 2300kg per hour
  • Capable of basic extrusions as well as premium multi-ingredient products
  • Lower costs due to high efficiency motors, minimal waste, and reduced changeover time
  • Modular design allows for perfect setup for each product type, enhancing quality
  • High-torque gearbox with splined shafts provide extended service life