Color sorting machine for grains

Detecting impurities in processed grain becomes more challenging as the output increases. Besides contaminants like foreign grains or broken grains, discolored kernels have an adverse impact on the quality of the product. But inaccurate sorting comes at the expense of yield.

Use precision cameras to spot sub-par grains

The color sorting machine by Schule integrates high-performance cameras to detect the slightest variations in color. Designed for cereals like oats, the system picks out defective material, including unhulled oat kernels, seeds, and discolored grains.

The solution includes special application programs ideal for sorting out gluten-free grains. With a total of 600 sorting programs, the machine is also suitable for similar products. Additionally, its ejector nozzles are designed to minimize product dispersion.


  • Screening by precise cameras
  • Up to 600 sorting programs
  • Special ejector nozzles avoid product loss

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