Pilot extruder for cereals and snacks

Small batches of product using high value ingredients are not economical or practical to run on full scale production extruders. Similarly, research and development that requires a higher output is costly if existing line equipment needs to be repurposed for only small batch runs. A dedicated lab-scale extruder that’s also capable of continuous small-batch production provides a lower cost alternative whilst delivering excellent results.

High quality twin screw extruder for development work and small batch production

The Baker Perkins MPF24 Twin Screw Extruder has been designed to offer the flexibility of a lab-scale device for product design and evaluation together with the capacity to operate as a small batch production extruder.

In lab and R&D work, the MPF24 has been designed to perfectly scale-up results to Baker Perkins’ range of production scale food extruders thanks to using compatible screw geometry. The specially designed clamshell barrel can be opened at any time to allow the status of the process and product to be assessed.

For maximum flexibility, the MPF24 has been designed use wide range of cutters and dies. A comprehensive touch screen HMI allows for complete control as well as extensive monitoring and data capture, which is perfect for experimental use.

However the MPF24 is also robust enough to stand on its own as a small batch production extruder. A mobile platform allows the unit to be easily moved into a production environment, and it is particularly useful for making small batches of high premium product using high-value ingredients, or when only small quantities are available.

Products the MPF24 can produce include standard direct expanded curls, rings and puffs through to complex multi-component premium products. Ingredients are texturized and cooked through a combination of heat, mechanical shear and moisture addition, and flavourings and colours can easily be added.


  • High-quality, scalable results for product design and recipe or process testing
  • Full process controls including comprehensive data recording allows easy analysis
  • Portable - can be moved into production areas as a small batch production unit
  • Dry powder and liquid feed systems for maximum flexibility

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