Cold oil press for seeds

With a cold oil press, you can optimize the process of extracting oil from a wide variety of oil seeds and boost the production capacity.

Cutting-edge technology in cold oil pressing and essential oil production

The TBP series Multi-purpose cold oil press from Toper R&D focuses on achieving the highest quality when extracting oil from any oil seeds by utilizing cutting-edge technology. The presses are mostly used for industrial purposes. Spice oils, cereal and grain oils, cosmetic oils, fruit seeds oils, flower and nuts seeds oils, are among the types of oil the TBP-100 is capable of producing. It comes with an approximate weight of 245 kgs  and a frequency of 50 – 60 Hz.


  • Can be utilized as a single unit or combined to build large capacity, multi-unit lines
  • Used for industrial purposes, mostly in food and chemical industries
  • Premium technology aimed to provide the high quality of the oils
  • A wide-range of oily seeds can be processed