Moulding machine for rolled bread

As great snacks and accompaniments to meals rolled bread is a staple product in commercial bakeries. A roll molding machine takes lumps of dough from a continuous sheet and molds them to the desired shape. It must be sufficiently flexible to process plain rolls, baps, croissants, buns, and others when adjusted accordingly.

A moulding machine for a wide range of rolled bread

The Trivi PNM molding machine creates loaves of desired bread shapes to customer requirements. The molding machine accepts a continuous dough sheet, separates it into the desired portions, and produces rolls of various sizes and shapes of bread for freezing or baking.

This molding machine accommodates cereal, wholegrain, and other dough recipes and incorporates an automated seed depositor. Weight control devices ensure unparalleled texture, quality, and weight consistency. It can process standard or high moisture dough to industrial capacity.


  • Right-size sheet portions and form them into desired sizes and shapes
  • Automatically process various recipes including cereal, wholegrain, etc.
  • Accommodate standard and high moisture dough in a single machine
  • Produce consistent weights and sizes of bread rolls of many types