Fully automated rice cake machine

When investing in a larger scale rice cake machine, marketability should be an important consideration. After all, with products like rice cakes being in a lower price range, it is important to be able to quickly react to predicted market demands and produce new types of rice cakes or any other cereal cakes (corn for example). One could say a rice cake machine for large volume production needs to have an extensive mould selection to be on par with the rice cake du jour to get the desired profitability.

Processing a variety of cereals like wheat rice, barley and corn

The XP CAKE6 STANDARD by Engi Technologies, is an automatic rice cake machine, suitable for several types of cereal. When the raw material, cereals like rice or corn, have the right moisture level (mostly by being soaked in water), it is entered in the machines hoppers, from where it is transferred to a mold by a horizontal system that is controlled pneumatically. A slide plate presses in on the wet cereal in the heated mold, crushing it and forming the raw material to the shape of the mold. After a short time, the plate contracts, creating more space for the cereal mass in the mold. This space leaves room for the rice or corn to pop, forming the cereal cakes. The cooking head of the machine now opens and the cakes fall on a conveyor belt and continue their journey – if so desired – a flavouring station then to a drying station and continue towards the packaging department.

The machine works with batches of six cakes and can handle up to 2,000 regular round cakes (dia. 90 – 100 mm) per hour. Several molds are available for the XP CAKE6 STANDARD to form round mini cakes, round cakes, triangular, rectangular or square cakes, made of wheat, rice, barley, corn, and various mixtures of cereals. Other than that, the machine has a connection for remote online technical support and a diagnostic remote control that is available online.


  • The machine has a compact size
  • A broad range of cereal types can be used
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use

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