Consistent cereals toaster and dryer

In order to produce the very highest quality flaked cereal, shredded grain or hot air expanded products, the final toasting stage is important. An even toast and consistency from batch to batch is vital, as is gentle handling to maintain product quality. By using fluid bed toasters designed specifically to handle these delicate product types you can achieve superior flavour and texture without compromising on product quality through excessive dust or uneven results.

Fluid bed cereals toaster for delicate and high quality products

The Baker Perkins ThermoGlide2 Toaster is a compact and energy efficient toaster designed specifically for use in the production of breakfast cereals and other lightweight and delicate products.

The unit is available in a variety of capacities ranging from 750kg of flakes per hour (or 1,430 of rice) up to 2,950kg of flakes per hour (or 5,900kg of rice) to meet your exact requirements.

To enhance your product consistency, the ThermoGlide2 feature twin toasting zones with independent control of both airflow and temperature. This creates a perfect fluidised bed which allows for complete toasting of the product surface with gentle handling.

Dwell time within the toaster is determined by the operation of a heavy duty vibratory conveyor system, which provides consistency and a long service life.

The toasting of lightweight products will produce dust and other fines that are undesirable in the finished product. The ThermoGlide2 Toaster features dust and fines extraction via high efficiency vacuum cyclones. This is a filterless system which reduces downtime for cleaning and maintenance, increasing the efficiency of the toasting operation.

This compact unit has been designed with high efficiency in mind. The low thermal mass means a warm up time of less than 20 minutes, and the heated air is recirculated after dust extraction to reduce energy consumption even further. Humidity levels are accurately controlled by automatic exhaust dampers.


  • A range of capacities to suit your exact needs
  • High consistency and gentle handling for the highest quality of product
  • Extremely efficient heat recirculation system reduces your energy costs
  • Filterless dust and fines extraction increases product quality and reduces downtime for maintenance
  • Fluidised bed technology means great results even with the most delicate product