Seaming machine for infant formula cans

Packaging of food products, but especially those for babies, like infant formula, isn’t just about extending shelf life, it’s just as much about preventing it from going bad, exposing for example mould. This asks for very secure packaging parameters when sealing the product.

Seaming food products under modified atmosphere

The V-matic 127-3 by Swiss Can Machinery is a seaming machine that can seam cans, often filled with food products under a modified atmosphere. The seaming station that can evacuate, aerate and seam starts of by feeding the cans into the machine through a conveyor belt. The can is then placed into position in the vacuum-gassing chamber. To start the vacuum-gassing process, the chamber is hermetically closed so oxygen can be taken out of the can and nitrogen can be added in accordance with ratio the product demands. The whole chamber moves to the next station if the desired level of oxygen is reached. Only then is a lid added and the can seamed in a vacuum environment.

The sizes of the cans for this seeming machine can differ if they have a maximum diameter of 127 mm. The evacuating and aerating pressure is individually adjustable through a touch screen. The speed of the seaming rollers is independently adjustable.


  • Variable can sizes
  • Stainless steel can outlet conveyor
  • Vacuum pump on separate, stainless steel frame