Laboratory scale cereal cooker

When developing new breakfast cereal products it is expensive and time-consuming to take your full-scale line out of production to run new recipe samples or to test new product lines. A dedicated lab-scale cereal cooker and processor that offers scalable results allows maximum flexibility in research and development with no impact on existing product lines, saving time and cost.

Fully scalable cereal cooking system for product development and research

The Baker Perkins Laboratory Scale Cereal Cooking System precisely reproduces all the processes in a full-scale cereals production plant. The cereal cooker takes smaller batches of grains (up to 125kg maximum) and cooks them using pressurized steam in a slowly rotating vessel.

The cooking vessel has been designed with a unique double conical profile which allows constant movement and turning of cereal grains which provides thorough and even cooking. The whole design philosophy of the lab scale cooker is to provide a highly stable and repeatable cooking process.

The lab scale cooker precisely replicates the conditions found in the Baker Perkins Cook Master full-scale cereal cookers precisely, meaning that results obtained in the lab will scale up perfectly to your large scale production line. This removes any need to take your full-size line out of production in order to run trail batches or recipe samples.


  • Perfectly scalable results removes the need for full-scale test runs
  • Designed for stability and repeatability, perfect for recipe development
  • Ideal for producing small batch runs for test marketing or similar
  • Stainless steel open frame construction for easy cleaning and maintenance

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