Fully-automated syrup cooker, mixer and coater for cereals

Coating cereal products adds variety, interest and value to breakfast products. The addition of syrups, frostings, glazings and coatings needs to be accurate and consistent to maintain top product quality. An easily expandable, specialised and fully automated syrup and coatings cooking, mixing and coating system increases quality and consistency whilst reducing costs.

Modular systems for high quality automatic coating of cereal products

The Baker Perkins range of syrup preparation and coating systems offer highly consistent and accurate coating solutions for a range of cereal-based product.

Options available are extensive, from glazed and glossy coatings through to frostings and chocolate coatings. To address the need for healthier products, all coatings can be made as sugar-free alternatives.

Advanced process control systems mean that preset parameters for sugar dissolving and evaporation are accurately maintained. Fine control of final solids ensures that the coatings adhere evenly, are not sticky and provide the required appearance and texture every time.

Baker Perkins coating systems use double coating drum systems. This means one drum can always be operational whilst the other is being cleaned. This reduces your line downtime to an absolute minimum.

All components are designed specifically for the required coating task, but are completely modular. This allows for simple and cost-effective expansion. Systems are available from batch dissolvers to continuous, skid-mounted systems. This flexible set-up means each system can be specified to meet individual product requirements.


  • High accuracy and consistency means the best product quality
  • Range of coating options available, including sugar-free. Low solid, high solid and syrups
  • Minimize downtime with twin drum coating system
  • Fully modular systems means production line tailored to your exact requirements