Laboratory extruder

Products can be extruded with a variety of shapes and characteristics by controlling the nozzle geometry and pressure and temperature characteristics of substrates as they are propelled through a screw style mixing machine. Precise control of pressure at the point of extrusion is essential to predictable, desirable results.

Small scale, precisely controlled extrusion of animal feed

Amandus Kahl’s Extruder OE 8 is a small batch or laboratory extruder that works on the same principal as the successful Annular gap expander design where a conical stop is used to restrict flow out of a tube as materials are driven through it by a rotating shaft. The stop is moved towards and away from the tube creating an adjustable sized gap through which material leaves the tube. Controlling the size of this gap relative to the material throughput determines the pressure under which the material is extruded and influences many of the product’s final characteristics.

These units can be provided with heating or cooling jackets and provisions for monitoring temperature and pressure. Precisely controlled product extrusion is thus achieved by applying Amandus Kahl’s patented gap control technology from the annular gap expanders to this simpler machine.


  • Proven design form an industry leader
  • Up to 200 Kg / h production capacity for OEE 8
  • Less sensitive process and less wasted product than traditional extruders
  • Does not require liquid additions at start up
  • Can be started with an “open die” configuration

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