Mobile high speed depositor of pizza sauce

As the demand for ready-made pizzas continues to grow, businesses face tremendous difficulty in meeting the needs of the market. At the same time, it is important not only to deposit the pizza sauce but to do it precisely within the shape of the pizza.

Depositor for pizza sauces with precise nozzle jets.

The MDL mobile C-frame unit by Foodjet can hold up to eight FJ26 depositor heads due to its supply piping, buffer tank, control cabinet, and pumps, making it a competent candidate for the fulfillment of mass production. The entire C-frame is IP67 with a sanitary design that is keeping the visibility of cables to a minimum. Furthermore, the entire liquid foodstuff circuit is CIP-able without any need for disassembly.

The functional FJ26 depositor heads and their nozzle sizes ranging between 1.5-5mm offer extreme flexibility and coverage of up to 200mm with position accuracy better than 2mm for even and accurate distribution of foodstuff across the conveyor system. With the use of the servo-driven volumetric pump that can distribute between 0-250L/hour of foodstuffs, this world-class unit from Foodjet is able to accurately deposit pre-calculated amount of foodstuff to minimize the wastage of sauces while guaranteeing a high-quality end product even if all pizzas on the conveyor system have different or irregular shapes.


  • Individually controlled nozzle-jets
  • Easy clean due to the remarkable design
  • Low maintenance and up-keeping cost
  • Suitable for a wide range of pizza sauces