Industrial mini-tempering machine

Mainly used to feed enrobers, small depositors and decorating systems.

Small scale professionally controlled tempering

The HTF from Hacos is an industrial mini-tempering machine available in different capacities 100, 150, and 200 Kg/h. Offering a buffer tank from 35 to 200 Kg. It can be used for pigmented, flavored, or dedicated chocolates. These tempering machines have a mobile system, double jacketed buffer tank of 35 kg, freon cooled tempering system with built-in cooling compressor, and chocolate pump. It is available in single or twin versions.


  • Mobile system
  • It can be used for pigmented, flavored or dedicated chocolates
  • Double jacketed buffer tank of 35 kg
  • Freon cooled tempering system with a built-in cooling compressor
  • Chocolate pump