Entry level cocoa roaster

The biggest challenge that small-scale cocoa processing manufacturers face is even and thorough roasting of individual cocoa beans. If you want to ensure that the flavor is preserved and all individual cocoa beans are thoroughly roasted and ready to be grinded or processed into fine liquor, the use of a state of the art cocoa roasting system is particularly advantageous.

Ensure even and thorough roasting of individual cocoa beans

The Cacao Roaster TCV5-I by Nemisto is a dedicated solution to the effective and consistent roasting of cocoa, coffee, and other beans with the use of hot air.

Weighing just 70 kilograms and with a size of just 55cm x 90cm x 125cm, this compact stainless steel roasting system is capable of processing batches of beans of up to 5 kilograms at a time, making it the perfect solution for small scale or entry-level production.

Moreover, the unit has the ability to cool off the finished product in the same equipment, making the meeting of processing requirements for a range of different beans very efficient.

This model, in particular, is designed to be extremely safe and can be operated with ease without any risk of injury to the operator. Due to the compact stainless steel design, all potentially dangerous parts of the unit are hidden away from immediate access by the operative. Furthermore, this system is integrated with a sophisticated control unit with automatic fire ignition and temperature display for achieving a higher quality end product.


  • Roasting by hot air
  • Ideal as an entry-level beans roasting system
  • Consistent and thorough roasting of individual beans
  • Suitable for roasting coffee, cocoa, and a range of nuts

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