Chocolate refiner with chiller

Milled beans need further reduction in particle size before they can be sent to a conche for processing. The grinding action can generate excessive heat which may affect the flavor of the product.

Reduce particle size in a chilled refiner

The 5 roll refiner from JAF INOX delivers superb particle reduction of cocoa mass, chocolate, compounds, and creams. Five, hardened, high-precision, polished-seel rollers ensure a homogeneous particle distribution. The rolls are cooled by a chiller with digital temperature control of the cooling water. Volume valves can also be used to regulate the flow of water in each roll. The rolls are driven by a 20hp engine with a digital driver to vary the speed. The distance between the rollers can be mechanically adjusted to obtain the desired rheological properties. An adjustable scraper is installed on the fifth roll. The roll refiner has an easy-to-clean, hygienic design with stainless steel material contact components. An optional automatic feeding system is also available. JAF INOX roll refiners are available in 3 sizes: 10 cm x 20cm with 20-30 kg/H capacity, 20cm x 50cm with 80-120 kg/H capacity and 20cm x 80cm with 100-150 kg/H capacity.


  • Complete control over all grinding parameters
  • Smooth product with uniform particle size
  • Chilled rolls help preserve flavor
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in several sizes to match your requirements

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