X-ray inspection machine for jars

Inspection of glass jars and bottles for foreign object contamination is a vital part of product and consumer safety in the food production industry. Traditional x-ray solutions can be slow, reducing line throughput, and can also offer sub-100% coverage for glass packaging. A dedicated 100% coverage x-ray machine for glass jars and bottles that can operate at high speeds will increase your efficiency and offer complete protection from high-density foreign objects as well as imperfect filling or sealing.

Panoramic X-Ray machine with mobile emission source for glass jars and bottles

The Raybox Panoramic from Raytec is an X-Ray inspection system designed specifically to offer 100% coverage of glass bottles and jars.

Featuring an x-ray transparent conveyor, the RayBox Panoramic examines the product by aligning the source with the jar lid, and using panoramic vision it inspects the cover and bottom of the container.

Running at line speeds of up to 100m per minute, the Raybox Panoramic can inspect jars with diameters up to 160mm for maximum flexibility.

The system can detect and reject jars containing high density foreign objects such as metal, glass, ceramic, stone, Viton rubber, and so on. In addition the system can reject fallen jars, glass defects, low filling levels and incomplete twist cap seating.

For rejecting defects the RayBox is fitted with electro-pneumatic actuators that enables containers of any size to be ejected with high precision.


  • Enables 100% detection for glass jars and bottles
  • Rapid, single-row feed into the machine - no additional container spacing required
  • Low maintenance design to minimize downtime
  • High-accuracy rejection system able to handle all sizes and weights of container

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