High-speed bunch wrapping machine for chocolate

Bunch wrapping with aluminium foil is a popular method to use for an attractive finish to individual chocolate products. Because of the delicate nature of such items, traditional bunch wrappers have to operate at low speeds in order to guarantee a high-quality finish with no damage to the products. By using a state-of-the-art machine designed specifically for chocolate products you can achieve extremely high speeds combined with the most gentle handling to increase your productivity.

Fast and gentle bunch wrapper for enrobed and deposited chocolate products

The EMC1 from Theegarten Pactec is a high-speed bunch wrapper that has been specifically designed to quickly wrap large volumes of chocolate products with very gentle handling. The full servo control using the continuous motion principle guarantees that the most delicate of products can be aluminium foil wrapped.

The machine features automatic speed control, adapting to the infeed speed and availability of the product. The maximum operating speed is 900 pieces per minute. Incoming product is synchronised with a phasing feed belt.

To reduce wastage of wrapping material the EMC1 features a “no product, no wrap” device, and for the highest quality control the machine will automatically reject spliced, misregistered andunwrapped products.

Engineered with excellent accessibility for cleaning and maintenance, the EMC1 is extremely easy to operate by a single user from its intuitive touchscreen HMI. Automated functions include automatic splicer which eliminates the need to stop the machine for wrapping material changes, and photoelectric print registration system.


  • Gentle handling allows even the most delicate products to be wrapped
  • Specifically designed for wrapping deposited and enrobed chocolate products
  • High speed of up to 900 pieces per minute, automatically adjusted to infeed rate
  • Servo control throughout for increased reliability and reduced noise
  • Single-operator working with simple touchscreen HMI interface

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