High-clean FFS machine for butter in mini portions

With the production of dairy products such as butter in mini portions or natural jam and fruit puree with a low sugar content, the manufacturing process must meet certain hygiene standards. An FFS machine can be the right call in this case, as the production in the FFS machine takes place in a protected environment where the level of contamination is reduced. An added benefit of this machine is that it saves time by combining three production process steps – forming, filling and sealing – in one.

Thermoforming machine that forms, fills and seals cups

The Thermoforming machine designed by Newpack (Alimenta Group), is a horizontal Form-Fill-Seal machine that forms a container, fills it with the product of choice and then seals it in one single process. The machine can handle different food types from liquids to semi liquids, even high viscosity ones, such as milk based creams, butter, margarine, mayonnaise and more.

The Newpack Thermoforming machine is adjusted according to the product to be processed to meet demands regarding for example shelf life. Newpack customises the shape and size of the cup in accordance with manufacturer’s end product requirements. Depending on the needed hygiene levels, there are different machine versions: Standard, High-Clean, Ultra-Clean and Aseptic. For products such as butter, margarine and soft cheese, which are less sensitive to food poisoning microorganisms, a High-Clean or Ultra-Clean can be selected.

Starting from a reel of a thermoformable plastic film, Newpack Thermoforming machine forms the bottom of the container according to a pre-established shape, by heating the plastic film and shaping it through a mould. At this point, cups are automatically filled by a cup filling station. Based on the product to be packed and the shape of the cup, the filling system type changes. Afterwards, the machine applies a lid on each cup with heat sealing. When the cups arrive to the cutting station, they’ll be cut and separated. Newpack Thermoforming machine keeps the space between the lid and the top of the contents (headspace) inside the container to a minimum. It helps to reduce the risk of oxidation, while extending the shelf life of the product.

Machine capacity depends on the product and the volume of the cup; generally speaking, 9,000 – 15.000 c/h is the minimum production capacity.


  • A customized filling solution
  • A CIP/SIP system to meet hygiene standards
  • Wide range of cup sizes and shapes
  • A 3 in 1 machine for forming, filling and sealing
  • Available in a High-Clean, Ultra-Clean and Aseptic version