Medium-speed flexible wrapping machine for chocolates

Larger scale wrapping of individual chocolate products demands gentle handling. Traditional twist wrap machines cannot run at high speeds when wrapping delicate product and are inflexible. By adopting a modern modular design with gentle handling, line throughput can be increased, as well as being able to wrap multiple product types. This results in an excellent return on investment.

High-performance wrapping machine for a range of chocolate products

The MCC from Theegarten Pactec is a cutting-edge chocolate wrapping machine that can easily handle different products and wrapping styles with delicate handling.

Despite its flexibility, the MCC is still design for larger-scale production and is capable of wrapping up to 1,200 pieces per minute in double twist or foil wrap, and up to 800 pieces per minute in a top twist, side twist or Vienna fruit-fold style.

Gentle handling is possible thanks to the MCC’s continuous motion principle and pressure-free feeding, suitable for the most delicate product. Adaptive speed control allows the machine to react to the product in-feed speed, facilitating product changeover. Feeding can be by belt or lug chain to suit your needs, including the option of robotic pick and place.

To minimise wastage of wrapping material, the MCC features “no product, no wrap” technology. Quality control systems allow automatic rejection of spliced and double-wrapped products. The automatic splicer means wrap can be changed without stopping the machine.

Despite its complexity and flexibility, the MCC can be operated and monitored by a single user, with all features and changeover parameters accessible by intuitive touchscreen HMI.


  • An extremely flexible machine capable of multiple wrapping styles
  • Very gentle handling, suitable for high-quality and delicate products
  • Fast, up to 1,200 pieces per minute, with non-stop wrapping change
  • Single operator monitoring and control
  • Range of options including 2nd wrap material and remote diagnostics via network

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