Small scale cocoa beans processing machine

For the highest quality chocolate production, complete control of the entire process is desirable. For small scale, artisanal producers this often means sourcing raw cocoa nibs from specialist producers. By investing in a dedicated, small form factor cocoa bean processing line, small scale producers can now take complete control of the chocolate production process by ensuring the cocoa beans you select are handled to your exact requirements and recipe.

Compact, space-saving machine to process raw cocoa beans for small-scale producers

The Multiprocess R from Tecno 3 is purpose-designed for the small-scale production of cocoa nibs as the first part of a “bean to bar” production process. This machine has been designed to be compact and portable, and yet it is able to dry, roast, sterilise, crush and winnow cocoa beans – all in one unit. The drying and roasting unit uses a partial air removal system to control moisture, and the roast is achieved via internal hot air circulation. Temperatures and times can be fully customised for drying and roasting times, allowing complete control of the process.

Three UV units ensure that the roasted beans are fully debacterialised. A screw feed and three belt system ensure that the beans are separated and exposed to UV on all sides, ensuring quality. After sterilization, the beans can either be removed from the process whole, or sent to the crusher and winnower, where the nibs are sieved into four sizes ready for chocolate production. Adding to the Multiprocess R’s flexibility, the machine can also be used to roast, peel, sanitise and crush various nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios.

The entire system is constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel for strength and hygiene and is mounted on wheels for easy movement if required. Designed for single-operator use, the Multiprocess R features an easy-to-use Siemens touch screen and the entire process is visible to the operator thanks to transparent Lexan guards. It also makes an attractive sight if placed in an area where customers can see it operating.


  • One machine to dry, roast, sanitise, crush, and winnow cocoa beans
  • Small form factor and portable, ideal for small-scale and artisanal producers
  • All-stainless construction for strength and hygiene
  • Siemens touch screen HMI for simple operation
  • Processes 4 batches of 7kg at a time