Filling machine for viscous products

Chocolate paste and other viscous liquids require special handling to obtain the optimum filling results. By opting for a purpose-designed pressure dosing system with hygienic construction you will see increased reliability and throughput.

Rotary volumetric food filling machine for viscous pastes

The Triblock MPI series from CMI Industries is a high quality food-grade rotary volumetric filling machine that is designed to dose any form of liquid product, including high viscosity items like chocolate pastes and spreads.

The MPI uses pressure volumetric dosing technology, able to handle the viscosity levels found in paste-like products with ease. Automatic detection systems reject any missing or imperfectly sealed caps.

The MPI features a 20 jet electronic blower for jar preparation, 16 highly accurate volumetric dosers, and a capper with 6 pick and place heads. The system can achieve throughputs of up to 10,000 units per hour with 400g doses, and 7,000 units per hour with 750g doses with a rapid “no tool” changeover process that minimises the downtime associated with format changes.

MPI is available in stainless steel or plastic construction, to suit the end-product. It has been designed to be quick and easy to clean and is able to be used for food and non-food products.


  • High capacity filler/capper particularly suited to high-viscosity pastes and spreads
  • Throughput of up to 10,000 units per hour for maximum efficiency
  • Quick and simple tool-free format changeover minimises downtime
  • Available in stainless construction for hygienic and food use
  • Renowned CMI Industries reliability and performance built in as standard