Hygienic chocolate cooling tunnel

Quickly cool your product after cooking in preparation for further processing. This is a line of cooling tunnels designed to take hot products such as coatings, confectionery slabs, cakes, and biscuits coming directly from a hot process and cool them while in transit to a subsequent process that requires a lower temperature. Enhancements have been made to the design to improve food safety and ease of cleaning.

Precise cooling from an ultra-clean, ultra-efficient transport tunnel

The HD series of cooling tunnels from Hosokawa-Kreuter includes enhanced versions of three standard Kreuter cooling tunnel designs. The UKK cooling tunnel uses two independently controlled chilled air flows above and below the product. The BKK cooling tunnel uses a single chilled airflow and direct bottom cooling via a chilled slider plate. While the HKK tunnel uses a single chilled airflow around the product. All three tunnels are available in various working widths and deliver fast, efficient product cooling by using high air-throughput. All three tunnels are available in the next-generation enhanced hygiene version which includes various upgrades to exceed even the most strict food safety and ease-of-cleaning standards.



  • Air speeds up to 12 M/s for highly effective convective cooling
  • Air is re-warmed before discharge to avoid transporting moisture to surrounding production space
  • All surfaces designed to be easily cleaned and movable parts are kept out of contact with the product to the maximum extent possible
  • Merv 14 filtration
  • Components mounted on standoffs wherever possible to avoid difficult to clean pockets