Batch chocolate machine with vertical ball mill

To mix and refine cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, sugar, and lecithin, several methods can be used. This can be done through the use of vertical ball mills and liquid conching.

Compact in-house processing of chocolate masses

The Qchoc-400 is an all-in-one chocolate system. Easy to install and to operate and with a capacity range from 50 up to 400 kg chocolate batches when using basic ingredients. This system, consisting of a pre-mixer, a ball mill and a Thin-Film Evaporator (BLC), is designed for maximum efficiency and durability.

From the mixer, the mass is pumped through the vertical grinding chamber of a Wiener ball mill. When the chocolate has the right fineness, the moisture, volatile amino acids and off-flavors are extracted from the mixture. The product is fed first into a high shear chamber. The shear stress device temporarily reduces the viscosity of the mixture, thereby increasing the efficiency of the film vaporizer.


  • Consistent product quality
  • Simple, fully automatic operation
  • Requires a minimal amount of space, no foundations required
  • Low energy consumption
  • Flexible in terms of recipes and product composition