Wraparound case packer

Packaging companies need to pay attention to personalization in shape and design in addition to the attention for the protection of products. The secondary packaging sector faces several challenges to meet customer and marketing demands and regulation standards that come with a large distribution. A good solution in end-of-line packaging is a wraparound case packer that can produce appealing packaging suitable for various configurations.

Effective wraparound solution for secondary packaging

The wraparound case packer CPWA from Senzani is a secondary packaging solution. This machine has a production speed of up to 36 cases per minute and can pack a wide range of products such as cartons, tubs, tetra bricks, and bags. Compared to standard case packaging, the wrap-around system ensures solid and firm packaging. In addition, a flat carton wraps the product for protection, providing tighter packaging than a regular box.

In the production process, the operator can easily load horizontal or vertical flat blank magazines with no production cycle interruptions. The picking group takes the flat cases from the magazine, which will then be positioned and folded into a U-shape. Quality control is provided to the folding process of inner and outer flaps, and in the end, the cases are closed with a hot-melt glue application, where during this step, photocells check if the cases are properly closed.

Additionally, changes to adjust for size or format are easily done without any additional tools; this simplifies the use of the machine for the operator.


  • Intuitive interface and user friendly for a single operator
  • Handling of a wide range of formats
  • Magazines are easy to load: operator friendly and ergonomic
  • Automated rejection of improperly closed cases
  • Brushless motor for low-maintenance