Medium-speed flexible double twist wrapping machine for jelly

A traditional double-twist wrap is a popular method for packaging individual jelly candies. Most suitable twist wrap machines are inflexible, able to only double twist, and can be too energetic for more delicate products at higher speeds. A modern wrapping solution that can wrap in multiple ways while achieving excellent throughput speeds combined with gentle handling can see a quick return on investment thanks to its increased flexibility.

High performance, flexible twist wrapper for jellies in medium-to-large scale production

The MCH from Theegarten Pactec has been specifically designed to offer flexible twist and foil wrapping of jelly candies with gentle handling. The MCH can wrap with a double twist, a protected double twist, side twist-basket, side twist-sachet, or foil wrapping, giving you the ability to process multiple products and styles with one machine.

MCH uses a continuous motion principle, which means a particularly gentle product handling compared to alternative twist wrap machines. This allows more delicate products to be wrapped on the same machine as more robust hard candies.

Despite the gentle product handling, the MCH is able to achieve high levels of performance. When double twist or foil wrapping, the machine can process 1,200 pieces per minute, and when wrapped with a side twist – 1,100 pieces per minute.

The MCH’s flexibility extends to its wide range of compatible wrapping materials, able to process wax paper, cellophane, polypropylene, polyethylene, and aluminium foil. To save on material wastage, the machine includes a “no product, no wrap” device.

Operation is simple thanks to a touchscreen HMI and excellent accessibility for a changeover, cleaning and maintenance. For larger-scale operations this means that one operator is able to supervise several machines.


  • Multiple wrap types and wrap materials on one machine
  • High capacity, up to 1,200 pieces per minute
  • Continuous motion for the most gentle product handling
  • Full range of feed, separation and output options to suit any line
  • Reduces wasted wrapping material - no product, no wrap