Automatic packaging machine for chocolate figures

Chocolate figures represent a key market for confectionery producers, with seasonal and special occasion products being particularly popular. Wrapping these often complex shapes represents a real challenge, not only in terms of the quality of the finish but also in complying with strict labeling regulations. A modern, high-volume system designed specifically to overcome these challenges can bring significant benefits to existing production lines.

High-quality wrapping for high volume production of chocolate figures

The Chocal A200 is a high-volume, fully automatic wrapping solution for complex chocolate figures and other shaped products.

Operating at up to 25 cycles per minute, the A200 can wrap large numbers of product on a continuous basis – up to 33,600 pieces per hour. Despite this speed, the machine has been designed to gently handle the product resulting in less waste from damage.

Quality of the final finish is paramount, and the A200 produces a perfectly smooth result, meaning product detail is enhanced. This also results in excellent legibility of packaging wording, offer a best-in-class compliance with labeling legislation.

The packaging produced by the A200 offers class-leading product protection. In addition to bordering and folding options, fully sealed, folded and bordered closures are available. A tamper-evident closure can be added for premium or nutraceutical-type products.

For full flexibility, the A200 can handle almost any size or shape of product with this single machine.


  • High volume wrapping of up to 33,600 pieces per hour
  • Gentle handling minimizes product damage and waste
  • Perfectly smooth wrapping for enhanced product shelf-appeal
  • High compliance with labeling regulations thanks to highly legible print
  • Option for tamper-evident seals to be added