Planetary mixer for confectionery and bakery production

For the best quality confectionary and bakery products, controllable and reliable mixing of doughs, fondants and creams is vital. Computerised planetary mixers offer the maximum flexibility and control, increasing product quality and efficiency across both single-product and flexible production environments.

Unique planetary mixing solution with enhanced features

Tonelli’s exclusive planetary mixing system is designed to offer maximum flexibility whilst delivering the highest quality results. By combining the use of one or two tools with a scraper in a fully customisable ratio, it provides the highest quality mix possible with complete control.

Tonelli’s heritage in design and manufacture of baking and confectionery equipment means that their vertical planetary mixers can work with a wide range of ingredients and product types, including options for automatic feeding of ingredients and dosing and a range of product transfer solutions to suit a wide range of bakery masses.

These mixers can be used for many products, including cookies, shortbreads and cake mixes, as well as creams, mousses and ganaches, all with the highest levels of control and mix quality.

Constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel throughout for easy cleaning, the vertical planetary mixer features a fully washable mixing environment that is safe for high pressure washing and can integrate with Clean In Place (CIP) circuits.

Over 20 mixing tools are available to suit a wide range of product, and they have been designed to be quick and easy to change, minimising downtime.


  • Available in a range of capacities from 120lt to 1,300 lt to suit your exact requirements
  • Planetary mixing action coupled with scraper for superior mixing results
  • Computerised operation with graphic interface - over 50 recipes can be stored for multi-product use
  • Quickly changeable mixing tools for complete flexibility
  • Fully hygienic and easy to clean for quick product changeovers

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