Compact cylindrical roaster for beans, nibs and nuts

Roasting times and temperature can vary depending on the type of product being processed and the final product desired. Reproducible roasting profiles allow delivery of a consistent product.

Roast beans, nibs and nuts with programmable precision and control

The Compact cylindrical roaster from JAF INOX is ideal for roasting of cocoa beans, nibs and nuts. It allows feeding, discharge and sample collection with a closed door to avoid loss of aroma and unwanted smell entering the roasting chamber. The compact roaster can be operated using pre-configured or customized roasting profiles with desired roasting times and temperature settings. It is equipped with a 9KW electrical heater, PID temperature controller, color touch screen panel, PT-100 sensor for beans and a type J sensor for the heat source temperature. These components allow precise control of temperature to a resolution of 0.1’C.  The variable intensity, exhaustion system cools the hot air to prevent wearing of exhaustion components and is powered by a 0.25hp electrical engine. The cylindrical roaster has a compact, on-wheels, stainless steel construction and allows easy access for cleaning. The roaster door is fitted with a sensor for operator protection. The compact cylindrical batch roaster is UL/CE certified with a capacity of 10kg.


  • Consistent quality with roasting profiles and precise temperature control
  • Preserve product aroma during roasting with a closed door design
  • Easy to clean between batches
  • Quick installation with a compact, portable design
  • Corrosion free, stainless steel construction