Milling and drying machine for fine powders

When you need to produce ultra-fine powders, the milling and drying process employed is what ensures the consistency of your product. To process minerals and chemicals, you need a machine which is powerful, flexible, simple to maintain.

Versatile and highly efficient milling and drying

Atritor’s cell mill has been constructed to produce ultra-fine powders. It is able to grind, flash dry, classify and surface coat powders at the same time. Its capacity ranges from 50 kilograms per hour to 15 tonnes per hour, with evaporation rates up to 3,000 kilograms per hour.

The feed can be dosed directly into the machine via a screw feeder or via the inlet air duct. It is then ground in a vertically mounted, multi-stage rotating rotor. Each of the rotor sections is constructed with up to 200 quick-change blades. There is also the possibility for a classifier which is mounted at the discharge section to ensure that oversized feed particles are either discarded or recirculated.

The mill acts as an efficient dryer when the process air is heated using a hot air generator or even waste heat from another process. It can reach an inlet temperature of up to 450ºC. Heat energy from the process can be recovered from the heated air stream and utilized to preheat the intake air. After flash drying, the product is kept cool due to evaporative cooling via the constant exposure of new surface areas of the product created during attrition.

In the case of minerals that require surface treatment, the cell mill provides a range of coatings and surface modifiers that can be added on the side of the machine during the milling process. It has a wide range of applications, from minerals like GCC, clay and limestone to chemicals, dyes, pigments and a wide range of food ingredients and by-products.


  • Simultaneously used as a dedicated grinder, dryer or coating machine
  • All working parts with rotors and liners maintained outside the mill minimise downtime
  • Modular construction allows customised designs
  • Available in hygienic design configuration