Milk protein decorator for bread

It is time to leave behind old and saturated decoration methods that look neither natural nor attractive. It is time to look for a modern, and effective solution to make your product stand out and become more distinctive from the competition. A technologically advanced milk protein decorating system can be a great solution also because it can decorate the product both before and after baking.

Decorating bread with protein on high speed

Integrated features of this system allow Foodjet to hold up to 4 depositor heads. Each of the FJ28 depositor heads can be individually customized for more accurate and tailored depositing.

The entire frame is IP67, sanitary design with very minimal cable visibility outside of the frame, making the unit an ideal solution for harsh environments with minimal handling and cleaning required. Furthermore, the photosensors or the integrated vision camera can work effectively together with the nozzles in order to detect products, their location, and apply the topping precisely without missing the product and creating waste.

Due to the nozzle size ranging between 400-1500 micron and position accuracy better than 0.5mm, this unit is ideal not only for protein, but also for chocolate 3D printing with mass customization around the corners, cupcake chocolate surface filling, cookies decoration, and more.


  • Minimal handling or cleaning required
  • Individually controlled nozzle-jets
  • Integratable with a wide range of liquid supply systems

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