Entry level bean-to-bar machine

The production of high-quality chocolate from the bean can often be out of the reach of small producers, who often have had to rely on using chocolate produced by others to create their own confections. An affordable, small scale bean to bar machine can allow small-scale producers to create handcrafted chocolates to their own recipe, adding significant value to their product by selecting specific beans, including single-origin.

Compact machine to produce high-quality chocolate directly from cocoa nibs

The Multiprocess C from Tecno 3 is the first small-scale machine to produce chocolate directly from nibs. The unit combines all the processes for chocolate production in one easy-to-operate unit. Process steps include nib grinding, ingredient mixing, ball milling, conching, tempering, and refrigeration. Ease of use and maintenance is ensured by the lack of any pumps or connection pipes, making cleaning straightforward. The entire machine is constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel for strength, longevity and hygiene.

The bean to bar machine is available with 3 mixer sizes allowing the production of batches of 5kg, 25kg or 50kg of chocolate. As well as high-quality bars of dark, milk or white chocolate, the Multiprocess C can also produce Gianduja chocolate, chocolate spreads, nut pastes, and creamy chocolate fillings, providing even more flexibility to small-scale confectionery producers. Designed to be easy to use by a single operator, the Multiprocess C is fitted with a Siemens touch screen HMI to adjust recipe parameters and to monitor the chocolate production process.


  • The first purpose-designed chocolate production system that starts from nibs
  • Engineered for small-scale producers of high-quality chocolate
  • Full AISI 304 stainless construction for strength and hygiene
  • Single operator system with Siemens touch screen HMI
  • Available in batch sizes from 5kg to 50kg