Servo driven chocolate depositor

An automated depositor that can be used to deposit into moulds or to decorate surfaces with liquid chocolate, also called ‘piping’, using state-of-the-art servo technology.

High accuracy, using servo technology

The MIDRES-9 from Hacos is a servo-driven depositor that offers high accuracy, using servo technology and the Hacos individual turning ax technology. It has a capacity of 15 to 30 deposits per minute, due to its content/ size of 9 pistons and 7 Kg hopper. It can deposit into moulds, or ‘pipe’ on plates; coming with a standard with a 2D programmable belt, and optional rotating nozzles.


  • Touch screen PLC command panel
  • 15 to 30 deposits per minute
  • It can deposit into moulds, or 'pipe' on plates
  • A depositor that takes care of all your 'piping' work

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