Confectionery bags case packer for large scale

Mass production lines need faster and more efficient package processing to meet increasing supply chain demands. A case packer for large scale production of confectionary items, like cookies, can help you make your packaging more retail oriented and speed up your packaging process.

Fast and automated packing for cookies and other confectionary products

The Gantry 300 Swing Case Packer by BluePrint Automation can pack bags both vertically and horizontally on the same machine. The case packer is designed with an automated system that consists of two axes, which helps pick and pack bags effectively and with higher speeds.
With dedicated handling parts, the case packer can easily match your customized applications. Moreover, the Gantry 300 also includes BluePrint Automation’s SmartTrak system that provides rapid pre-collation of confectionary bags – bags are arranged before they are loaded onto the boxes. The tracking system helps simplify changeovers, making the case packer easy and flexible to adapt to consistently changing requirements in the future.

The confectionary bag packer has an ergonomic design, providing seamless accessibility and full-time process overview.

Apart from the confectionery products, the machine is suitable for applications from snacks, personal & home care, bakery, pet food, dairy, frozen food and fresh produce industries.


  • Vertical and horizontal case packing
  • Smart tracking system that provides faster bag pre-collations
  • Able to pack large quantities of bags coming from single or multiple bag makers