Nut and cheese grater

Smearing, clumping and crumbling are common problems when cheese and other soft textured foodstuffs are grated.

Reliably grate into fine, medium or coarse grades without spoiling end product

Specially developed for batch applications in commercial use, the PKR-S is Brunner Anliker’s versatile nut and cheese grater.
All grades from powder to coarse and fondue can be achieved and stale bread, vegetables and chocolate can also be safely grated into consistent end products.
With in-house designed gear transmission and durable hand-ground grating discs, up to 300 kg per hour can be processed.


  • Process wide variety of foodstuffs
  • Granulate grated chocolate without melting
  • Reduce downtime with maintenance free motor
  • Position mobile stainless steel machine table where needed