Small scale dragee coating machine

Coated dragée products such as Jordan Almonds or hard-coated candies are very popular, but traditionally difficult to make in small batches while preserving consistency and quality. A dedicated small-scale dragée coating machine brings high quality production methods used in large-scale manufacture to small producers and bakeries, or for use in product design or research facilities.

Automatic chocolate coater for producing high-quality, small batches of Jordan Almonds or similar dragées

The DRG5 automatic chocolate coating machine from MIA Food Tech allows small producers to achieve high-quality dragée products by introducing automated, precision coating to batches of nuts of 5kg or less. This makes it ideal for independent confiseries or for use in product design for larger-scale manufacturers.

Manufactured entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel for longevity and ease of cleaning, the DRG5 can be supplied in formats to coat many different types and size of product depending on your exact requirements. Suitable for coloured products as well as traditional Jordan Almonds, the DRG5 can coat batches as small as 2kg, perfect for low-volume, high-value product runs or for product design.

As standard, DRG5 offers full electronic control of the coating pan rotation speed ensuring optimum results. It also comes with an air injection group with a fully adjustable pipe, allowing complete control over positioning of the blow. The pipe also has a quick-release system to allow for rapid unloading of finished products and simplify access to the pan for cleaning.

An optional extra available for the DRG5 that can be specified is a refrigerator unit with digital thermoregulator for precision control of the temperature of cold air entering the coating pan.


  • 2-5kg batch size, perfect for small producers or product design labs
  • Electric control of the coating pan for precision coating and consistency
  • All-stainless construction for strength and easy cleaning
  • Optional refrigeration unit available for precision air temperature control
  • Quick-release spray pipe makes unloading and pan cleaning easier