Entry-level infrared nut drying machine

For small scale production of cocoa beans and nuts, the use of traditional toasters is inefficient. Electrically powered infrared toasters allow small producers to toast nuts and cocoa easily, quickly and efficiently.

Smaller-scale, highly efficient electric nut toaster

The RI 700 from DSC is a highly efficient electric toaster for cocoa beans and nuts. Using infrared technology and enhanced insulation, the thermal performance of the RI 700 is excellent, reducing energy consumption and toasting time.

The toasting chamber is fully computer controlled, ensuring optimal temperatures that toast nuts evenly and from the centre, while gently moving the product without damage. Loading of the chamber can be automated by using optional elevators.

Once the toasting is complete, the nuts or cocoa beans move to the cooling chamber. Cocoa beans, pistachios or almonds are quickly and gently cooled, while peanuts and hazelnuts are also peeled and cleaned.

The throughput of the unit is 9kg to 25kg per hour, depending on the raw product, and the average toasting time is 25 to 35 minutes.

The entire unit is constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel for strength and easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Designed for small scale production of a range of nuts and cocoa beans
  • Fully automatic infrared heating for efficient and even toasting
  • All-stainless construction for longevity and hygiene
  • Portable, ideal for small batch or irregular use
  • Enhanced thermal performance for greater energy efficiency