Enrobing attachment for an automatic tempering machine

Used in the confectionery industry to coat nuts, ice cream, toffee, biscuits, and cookies with chocolate. Enrobing is essentially a mechanized alternative to hand-dipping. Enrobing with chocolate extends a confection’s shelf life.

Increase your throughputs through automatic enrobing

The CYCLOP Tempering machine from Hacos is an automatic continuous tempering machine, it is fully automatic and standard equipped with a vibrating table for moulding. The CYCLOP Enrobing system from Hacos is an attachment for CYCLOP tempering machines.

This enrobing attachment can easily be fitted to the CYCLOP tempering machines and is set up as an independent unit. When not used it can be folded up and put aside, so that you can use the CYCLOP machine for tempering, moulding or filling.


  • Makes the CYLOP a complete and a versatile machine
  • Can be easily fitted to the CYCLOP tempering machine
  • Ideal for enrobing nuts, ice cream, toffee, biscuits and cookies