Entry-level high volume package seal tester

Manufactured food products need to be packed in gas-filled pouches to ensure that they reach the customers without being damaged or spoiled. A well-designed, accurate, and reliable seal leak detection system in place guarantees that gas-filled pouches are intact and tightly sealed, which will help to keep the products fresh and avoid cross-contamination.

A seal tester for an accurate gas leak detection of pouches

The SealTester-MAP1 and MAP3 from FLI are gas leak inspection machines specifically designed to detect weak seam of gas-filled pouches, such as those for crisps, salads, or peanuts.

Both systems possess three identical measuring units all functioning underneath one measuring belt. The three units measure and press the pouch to allow gas to escape if there is a weak seam. Once the pouch enters the package seal tester, the first measuring unit applies a predefined pressure to check for faults. Then, the pouch enters the second measuring unit to check the thickness of the package by applying slightly more pressure. The third unit rejects the pouch when there is too much pressure and thickness difference between the units.

The MAP1 come in small size and can check a maximum of 80 pouches per minute. The MAP3 also comes in medium size and can process between 150 to 180 pouches per minute. The smaller system mounts on an existing conveyor while the bigger one is in-line. Even though the MAP1 has a lower accuracy level, it calls for higher belt-speed than the MAP3. Both seal testers can flatten pouches and prevent oversized pouches from entering the case packing system.


  • Seal test pouch at high speed
  • Accurate gas leak detection
  • Adjustable pressure and thickness tolerance settings on the screen