Five deck cocoa bean winnower

Skin and shell removal from cocoa beans is necessary to produce great tasting chocolate. Complete parameter control is required to obtain a maximum separation.

Fragment beans, remove shell residue and separate by size

The 5 Deck Winnower from JAF INOX has been designed to fragment the cocoa nibs, draw off the shell and skin residue and separate the fragmented nibs into 5 sizes. A hammer mill, with speed and intensity control, fragments the beans and nibs. Five vibratory sieves, powered by 250W, thrash the cracked beans while a suction column draws off shell residue from each sieve into a cyclone. The parameter control of vibration and suction intensity for each sieve ensures complete separation. The angle and position of the suction columns can be adjusted to maximize residue removal. The feed intensity from the silo can also be controlled with a potentiometer. The 10Kg winnower has stainless steel material contact parts and a mechanical safety switch for operator protection.


  • Maximize separation with complete sieve parameter control
  • Obtain desired fragment size with hammer mill control
  • Can be used before or after the roaster
  • Less than 1.75% shell in the nibs
  • Safer work environment with built-in safety features