R&D roaster for cocoa beans

When designing a new chocolate line or experimenting with new ingredients for existing processes, the ability to have a scalable roasting solution is particularly advantageous. Precise and repeatable temperature and grinding settings are necessary, and the ability to have a portable unit makes for efficient use of space a distinct advantage.

Portable roaster and grinder for lab-scale cocoa bean and nuts production

The IDB25 from DSC is a dedicated lab-line roasting and grinding solution for cocoa and nuts, with a design capacity of 15kg to 25kg per hour, depending on product and process.

This unit consists of an infrared toasting unit, a cooler/peeler unit, a grinding unit, and a sieving unit.

As well as cooling for cocoa beans, almonds and pistachios, the combined cooler/peeler can also clean toasted hazelnuts and peanuts.

The patented grinding system allows granulation without pressure or heat, retaining product quality, oils, and flavor compounds. It’s adjustable to provide grains above 4mm, 2 to 4mm, or flours of less than 2mm. In addition, it comes in all-stainless steel construction for strength and ease of cleaning.



  • Lab-scale toaster for product development
  • Small and portable, yet powerful.
  • Able to toast, cool, and grind cocoa beans and a wide range of nuts
  • High consistency providing repeatable, scalable results
  • Made of 100% stainless steel, easy to clean and maintain