Microdosing system for bakery industry

Storage and dosing of powdered minor ingredients such as flavourings, colours and similar items is a critical part of many confectionery and baking lines. As well as high-accuracy dosing, the hermetic storage of such ingredients is vital to preserve product quality and reduce wastage. A dedicated system designed to handle challenging micro-ingredients reduces wastage and increases the production efficiency.

Hermetic storage and accurate metering of powdered micro-ingredients

The Trimix System from Cepi is a completely modular and expandable system for the storage and accurate dosing of powdered micro-ingredients.

Suitable for all ingredients, the Trimix system is particularly suited to challenging ingredients such as milk powder, cocoa powder and salt. Trimix has been engineered so that no product is trapped in the storage units or dosing station, eliminating waste.

For powders, dust and leakage are avoided thanks to the Trimix suction system, which operates directly from the sacks. As well as fully automated suction dosing, Trimix has the option of manual operation via a floor or table scale system where powder control is not required.

Modular design means that units can be supplied to meet your exact product and space requirements.

Advanced features include built-in homogenizer, bar code scanning and tracking, and ultra-fast discharge option increases the number of batches.


  • Designed to handle difficult powders like cocoa and milk
  • Enhanced suction technology eliminates waste
  • Fully automated operation with ultra-fast discharge where needed
  • Options include barcode track and tracking
  • Modular design means units meet your exact needs