Moulding line for pralines, tablets and cups

To automatize the process of moulding pralines, tablets, and cups in artisan productions.

Start automating your moulding process

The HML 480 S from Hacos is an economical chocolate moulding line for pralines, tablets and cups. This moulding line automatizes the moulding process, increasing production output for artisan productions; working with a capacity of 8 moulds per minute. Equipped with infeed table, chocolate filling and scraping, vibrating table, turning station, Upside-down shaking, and exit table. It is also available for 275×135 mm or 275×175 mm moulds, offering flood-filling guarantees great flexibility. Ergonomic design for one operator.


  • 8 moulds per minute
  • Economical chocolate moulding line
  • Flood-filling guarantee
  • Ergonomic design for one operator
  • Touch screen command pannel

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