Cocoa and chocolate pumps

When you need a pump for cocoa liquor or to fill a cocoa butter press, you need a pump that is especially designed to transport viscous and abrasive masses.

Designed to transport viscous and abrasive masses

Cocoa and Chocolate Pumps from Royal Duyvis Wiener are a cocoa liquor pressing pumps capable of high pressure and high capacity. Specially designed to transport viscous and abrasive masses, which require a relatively high pressure.

This pump is perfectly adjustable for filling the cocoa butter presses. As result of the high pressure, cocoa butter will start flowing during the filling process prior to the actual pressing. Due to its high durability and excellent performance, the pumps can be utilized as transport pumps for cocoa mass as well.


  • Simple but effective sealing
  • Overheating or under cooling is not possible
  • All of the components in contact with your product are extremely durable
  • The pumps comply with GMP requirements
  • The pumps can be frequency-controlled

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